Precinct Chairman

John Schaeffer is the Chairman of Precinct 39.

Precinct 39 is one of the largest geographic precincts in Montgomery county. It borders to the north Highway 105, to the west Highway 149, to the south Lake Creek, and to the east Fish Creek Thoroughfare.

Elections are held at Lone Star Elementary at 16600 FM 2854. All voting will take place at Lone Star Elementary unless notified on the billboard at the school.

We encourage all voters to participate in the election process. It’s your Constitutional right to vote. Individuals are encouraged to vote early at any early voting locations. (See Websites below.)

Volunteers are also needed to help work phone banks and elections. For additional information or to volunteer, please contact me using the contact form on the right.

Please remember when you come to vote that Texas now requires a photo ID.

The following websites will provide additional information regarding elections:

Montgomery County Election Central

Montgomery County Republican Party

Early Voting Polling Locations